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Addendum to “Stupid Sh!t for Sale” March 14, 2011

Filed under: Shopping — susieworld @ 6:42 AM

I saw a commercial last night for a $50 gold buffalo tribute “proof,” whatever that is. It’s a flippin’ COIN. Probably made for flippin’ – before the Super Bowl or something. But there was a threat at the end of the ad that cracked me up since I’d just written about crap being sold as not being crap.

Here was the pitch:

“AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT AND FUTURE REGRET! CALL NOW.” Please be aware, shoppers, that you are limited to a maximum of five (5) proofs. If commercials are going with the guilt trip sales pitch, I think I have a mother who could make a fortune writing TV advertisements.


One Response to “Addendum to “Stupid Sh!t for Sale””

  1. Johnny Massengill Says:

    A proof is a coin that has never been circulated in the standard money supply. Proof coins are darn near flawless and rare proof coins are very sought after by coin collectors. Proof coins are sometimes struck as a first run on a new set of dies or for archival purposes

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