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Days of the Week Personified March 14, 2011

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NOTE: The days of the week are all women because each one can be a BITCH!

Monday is the baby of the bunch. Nobody likes her, but she always seems to be where she’s not wanted. Her greatest desire is to be like her sister Friday, which will never happen.

Tuesday is the introverted one. She’s usually hanging out by herself in the library. She’s not annoying like Monday. In fact, many people like her for the very reason that she isn’t Monday. But for the most part, she gets ignored.

Wednesday has middle child syndrome. She craves attention, but goes about getting it the wrong way. She’s the family slut. She has slept with everyone from January to December. That’s why they call her “Hump Day.”

Thursday is really close in age to Friday. They look alike, too. College kids often confuse Thursday for Friday by going out to bars and getting wasted on a school night. Thursday doesn’t care.

Friday never grew up. She’s the third oldest of the seven, but will forever be 21. Friday is the life of the party.

Saturday wised up. She’s the efficient soccer and gets every item on her to-do list. The kids come first for Saturday. She does like to have fun once in a while – usually when she’s hanging out with Friday.

Sunday, the oldest, is actually a set of twins. One is pious and goes to church every chance she gets. The other prefers to drink beer, gamble and watch football. They DON’T get along.


One Response to “Days of the Week Personified”

  1. ”Days of the Week Personified”~

    I adore this story;),’)
    I especially ‘Like’ when I get to sit & read what you wrote!:):)
    Thanks for a good start to today;}
    w/xO, TDQ

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