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In other news…. March 16, 2011

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Muhammad Ali has asked Iran to release the hiker hostages or he’ll go all Muhammad Ali on their asses.  Okay, that last part is made up, but it would sure be cool!  Here’s the story from my favorite local TV news station, KTVU.

Fists of DOOM!


James Taylor, having learned nothing from the Kennedys or Sonny Bono, skied himself into a tree, breaking his leg.  Sing to the tune of “I’ve Got You, Babe”:  I can’t ski, babe.  Watch that tree, babe.

I'm sure he'll be showered with love by the people who love him. Or something like that.


Millions of stupid Americans are confusing stories about the ongoing tragedy in Japan with the ongoing tragedy that is Charlie Sheen.  “This is the biggest disaster we’ve seen in decades.”  Wait, what?  Who?  Meanwhile, Sheen tells his followers to “love Japan violently.”  Haven’t they been violated enough?

Whatever, loser.


Finally, The Guardian made an excellent point the other day with the query “Is the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Running out of Inductees?”  In a word, yes.  That fact becomes more and more apparent every year.  I’m okay with Neil Diamond and Tom Waits, but Alice Cooper is better known for guest starring roles on Wayne’s World and on the golf course, isn’t he?  Plus, he has a GIRL’S name!

School's out for Alice Cooper.



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