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Jodie Foster clearly loves Beaver March 17, 2011

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And I’m not referring to the Theodore Cleaver variety!

If you’re in the Austin, TX area for the South by Southwest Film Festival, you may get the treat of screening The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, which is Jodie Foster’s directorial non-debut.  For Foster, the festival may be considered the South Bi-Southwest.  Or something.  [Insert better Jodie Foster sexuality joke here.]

According to The Associated Press, the film “follows a depressed toy company executive who pics up a hand puppet beaver and uses it to separate himself from the negative aspects of his personality that are destroying his family and career.”

Jodie apparently approves of good ol’ boy Mel’s anti-semetic remarks.  Enough to consider only him to play HER HUSBAND in the film.  Gibson is typecast as an idiot.  Foster makes the stretch to play hetero.  Which is great for both of them.

How great for audiences this will be remains to be seen.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of MY beaver:


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