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So what’s the percentage? March 17, 2011

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What's the percentage of shrimp in Taco Bell's "Shrimp?"


Taco Bell has announced it’s new line of shrimp-based delicacies, which got me to wondering.  How much of the “shrimp” in Taco Bell’s shrimp menu is actually shrimp?

With the somewhat recent announcement that the “taco flavored beef filling” in Taco Bell’s meaty dishes is advertised as 80% beef, my concern became alarm upon hearing of the new shrimp menu items.

Fortunately for Taco Bell, the majority of its clientele is made up of stoned college students who are sick of Jack in the Box or high schoolers who wouldn’t know nutrition if they had to take a class on it.

I am a carnivore.  But I’m not a fan of eating food that still looks like it did when it was living and breathing.  Thus my affinity for steak, but not trout.   To wit, I should be able to stomach a “shrimp” taco from Taco Bell, since the shrimp really look nothing like shrimp.  Perhaps they’re mostly soy product, like the “taco flavored beef filling.”   You’ve got your Tofurkey, so what to call soy shrimp.  It’s like coming up with a mashup name for celebrity couples.  Shroy?  Simp?

I will gladly accept suggestions!  Please feel free to use the handy-dandy Word Press comment feature to make them.






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