If you want sense, you're going to have to make it yourself.

5 Things that Raise My Blood Pressure September 15, 2011

Filed under: My Life,Susie's World — susieworld @ 2:29 AM
  1.  My computer, which decides to ignore me by not responding because I don’t have enough memory. Note to computer: I don’t appreciate this passive-aggressive “silent treatment” you’re giving me.  Also, I don’t have enough memory either.  I forget stuff all the time!  But I never stop responding.  Hey, computer! You’re a jerk!
  2. My family:  All four of us are completely mental.  Of course, I have to make it clear that the rest of them are WAY more mental than I am.  And does being a selfish princess really qualify as mental?  I think not.

Wait.  That’s only 2 things.  Crud.


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