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So what’s the deal with TV and movie hostage takers? September 20, 2011

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Let the Lego helicopter pilot deal with the hostage takers.

I recently watched the season finale of the Glades (Matt Passmore is smokin’ hot!), and was a little mystified by the whole “I want a helicopter” thing that hostage takers always demand.

I want a helicopter, too, by the way, but I’m not holding anyone against their will, unless you count my dog when she wants to go for a walk and I’m too lazy to take her.

But back to my original thought. These bad guys don’t always get their helicopters.  Usually the smart Columbo-esque good guys wind up outsmarting the bad guys and the helicopter never appears.

But on The Glades, there was the helicopter, as requested.

Which got me to thinking…what helicopter pilot would volunteer to fly away with a gun-toting villain??  Seriously.  Who would do that?

HOSTAGE NEGOTIATOR:  Hey, Sam. Yeah, we got a guy here with an AK-47 who wants to take a few hostages to Dominican Republic. I’m working on getting them their passports, but we need someone to fly them down.  In a helicopter, of course.

HELICOPTER PILOT:  Hostage takers, you say?  I’ve always wanted to work with some of them.  They’re armed with automatic weapons, you say?  Even better!  I’ll be right there!  Oh, and I happen to have an extra million doing nothing in my bank account, so I’ll bring that, too, so they have some spending money.

GOOD GUY (to Hostage Negotiator):  Tell him to hurry. They’ve got my girl and I don’t want them to harm a single hair on her head or I will hunt them down like a dog!

Then the helicopter arrives and the hostage taker(s) fly away (assuming the good guy hasn’t outsmarted them already).  Maybe these pilots secretly know that the good guys always win out in the end.

I still don’t buy it, though.  I’m just glad my husband, who used to report traffic from a helicopter, has never gotten wrapped up in one of these all-too-common events.


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