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Bring back ’80s slang! September 26, 2011

Filed under: Susie's World — susieworld @ 10:42 PM

Slang of the '80s - TOTALLY GNARLY!

Today’s slang totally blows chunks, doesn’t it?  Isn’t it high time we brought back some words from our shoulder-padded, big-haired past?  I’d say so!

So I was at the mall and I saw this major dweeb who was totally butt-ugly.  He was totally checking me out, so I told him to bite me.  I mean, what a total dipstick!  Like, barf me out!  Not even!  He was such a major spaz!  So grody.

So I left to meet my boyfriend, who’s a total hunk and has a bitchin’ car.  We met friends to party hearty.  I was so amped!  All my best friends came to hang out and it was wild!  A totally bodacious party and not a single wanna-be showed up.  Stacy started being a total bitch though so I had to tell her to take a chill pill.  It was such a burn!

It was a majorly good day.  Fer sher.  Fuckin’ A!

The End.

See?  That doesn’t sound as stupid as today’s kids sound, right?  Okay. Don’t answer that.


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