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[Expletive Deleted] September 29, 2011

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This sign is in Poland, where they will charge you for swearing. Maybe America should start taxing the fuck out of it!

Just wondering why potty-mouthed rappers release singles with all those horrible swear words in them.  Is it to cheer up the radio censors who will get to use their bleep buttons more often.  And what if I want to hear the swears?  Eminem sounds much better when his songs aren’t just one giant bleep.  Or a really long moment of silence.  Or a bunch of “sh” and “f” sounds without the rest of the word following them.


I suppose “potty-mouthed rappers” is a bit of a redundancy.


And my use of the word “swears” as a noun is just downright adorable.


While not a rapper, I am pretty much a potty-mouth.  I tend to forget my audience when I speak.  Especially when I’m in a room full of straight-laced church-goers or a mess of young children excited to learn new words.


So I’m going to start replacing all my “swears” with “bleeps.”  It’ll be hard at first, but I will get used to it.  It’s time to give my vocabulary the mother-fucking bitch slap it deserves, God damnit!


At least I don’t live in Poland.  The entire country apparently has a government-sponsored swear jar.




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