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The last day of my 30s blog September 29, 2011

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What a thoughtful cake!

My mom is the best mom in the world.  Don’t try to tell me your mom is because she’s not.  She may be second best, but mine is the best.  She got me a birthday card about life 40 years ago.  Here’s the text:


Do you realize that 40 years ago…

Call waiting referred to the line outside a phone booth.

A flat screen was something you put in your window to keep insects out.

Guys only got pierced ears by going to a really loud concert.

High-speed access was an on-ramp to the freeway.

An airbag was someone who talked too much.

Spam was only found in the kitchen.

A cell phone was what you used to make your one call from jail.

And a birthday was something you actually looked forward to.


Then, my awesome mom hand wrote a bunch of 1971 trivia:

The only disposable diapers sold would leak.  NO ONE USED THEM.

You could not buy just “whole” milk.  There was also “extra rich.”  No one thought about fat, fiber, or carbs.  They just counted calories.

“Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart was the hit single the day you were born.

There was no leash law for dogs.

Nixon was president.

The Pittsburg Pirates won the World Series.

The Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl.

Greenpeace was established.

$25,250 bought you a new house.

Inflation was 7%.

The average annual income was $10,600.

A gallon of gas was 40 cents.

Stamps were 8 cents.

18 became the legal voting age.

Walt Disney World opened.

Cigarette ads ended on TV.

Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin died.

The Pentagon Papers were released.

National Public Radio began.

“Mary Tyler Moore” was the #1 TV show.

The mircoprocessor was invented, kicking off the digital age.

Malibu Barbie was the most popular toy.


Holy Frijoles, I’m old!  At least mom also included a check in the card so I can do a little retail therapy.


One Response to “The last day of my 30s blog”

  1. Mrs. Tuna Says:

    Yeah well, I hear 50 knocking at my door. Turning 40 doesn’t seem that bad now.

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