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Laughter v. Medicine October 13, 2011

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OMG! Did you hear the latest poop?

I spent a good chunk of my evening talking on the phone with a good friend from a completely different state.  I’ll call her “Nancy,” because, well, that’s her name.

Anyway… I am in California, she is in Tennessee.  I am a bleeding heart liberal, she is a pro-life southerner.  But none of that matters because we make each other laugh.

She was feeling a little under the weather today, which is why I called.  But once we hung up – after at least 45 minutes of guffaws and conversation – she said she felt better.  She was up and making dinner, then promptly on Facebook to reply to my mid-call post on Facebook.

I’ve determined that laughter and friendship can take care of my basic needs.  I could even live without food — yes, even bacon — for hours at a time if I’m given the opportunity to enjoy the company or conversation of a friend.  Should I have a conversation that lasts more than four hours, however, I will need to consult a doctor.

Love your friends.  Be there for them.  Giving is better than getting.

But in all seriousness, getting feels pretty freaking good, too.


3 Responses to “Laughter v. Medicine”

  1. Sherry Brown Says:

    Nice thoughts, Susie. I think belly laughs and love can heal almost anything…maybe even our sick country.

  2. susieworld Says:

    I laughed my way through the entire George W. Bush administration! Heh. If only our legislators could ease up and start TRYING to see eye to eye, by maybe having a few beers and LAUGHING with someone from across the aisle, we’d accomplish quite a bit. I declare a moratorium on people with sticks up their asses!

  3. Johnny Says:

    “I could even live without food – yes, even bacon “..*GASP*…is there life without bacon? I say no…NEVER….

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