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The Meaning of Meals October 13, 2011

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When he asks her out for…                   It means….

Lunch                                                      I might want to sleep with you.

Dinner                                                     I want to sleep with you.

Drinks                                                     I want to sleep with you with no strings attached.

Coffee                                                      I want to sleep with you…in about an hour.

Breakfast                                                 I’ve already slept with you.

High Tea                                                  I’m gay and I don’t want to sleep with you.



When she accepts…                              It means….

Lunch                                                      I might consider having dinner with you.

Dinner                                                     I might consider sleeping with you.

Drinks                                                     I think I’m gonna go for it!

Coffee                                                      Let’s talk! About everything!

Breakfast                                                 I want to be like this…with you…forever.

High Tea                                                  At least somebody good-looking is taking me out.


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