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Jobs, jobs, jobs! October 14, 2011

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Only five jobs?? What's the matter with you, ya lazy bum!

No, I’m not referring to the passing of Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Nor is it about the unemployment rates in the U.S.

It’s about me.  ALL ABOUT ME!!!!! Mwahahahahahaha!

They say when it rains it pours.  This is usually a negative thing, but since I like the rain, I consider this onslaught a positive thing.  Of course it’s positive because I may soon be the proud holder of as many as five jobs!  The Jamaicans from In Living Color would be so proud.

At 1:00 today, I’m interviewing for a volunteer position as the social media director for Vision Literacy, a San Jose-area non-profit designed to help adults learn to read.  I am really excited about this.  Not only will I be able to experience the joy of being able to help people, but I will also gain invaluable knowledge for a potential future career in social media.  Of course, this is all assuming they hire me.  I will know in a few short hours.

I am waiting for a response to my application and writing submissions to a South Bay magazine for the arts.  I am in the running to be their calendar editor and would publish event details and briefs on the local arts scene for the bi-monthly mag.  I know I’m capable of enjoying this one.  It has the potential to open up my eyes to all the talent San Jose has to offer and I would again be learning new skills to add to my resume for future employment as a journalist.  $350 per issue is nothing to sneeze at either, considering what a part-time job this would be.

Finally, I heard back today from Courthouse News, a nationwide reporting service covering federal courts across the country.  If hired, I would cover the U.S. District Court in San Jose by paying a daily visit to the court to look up new civil court filings and turn pages-long legal-ese into a few sentences of plain ol’ English.  Occasionally, I’d be able to cover high-profile trials and conduct interviews and the pay is pretty good.  They’re even offering $200 a month toward my health insurance and would pay a portion of my internet and cell phone bills.

If I can add these three to the two writing jobs I already have, I think I might actually pull in a decent living.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, people.  I’m in a rut I’m dying to get out of, so this stuff would certainly help.  And it would be nice to be able to put some of MY money into the family coffers again.


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