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That’s not a latte at ALL! October 15, 2011

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There's no coffee in there. It's just an obvious prop. And it's not very "green," either.

If you’re anything like my husband, beware – I may just ruin television for you if you read this blog.

I am a distracted TV viewer. I’m always doing puzzles or folding laundry or something else while my TiVo runs my favorite shows.  So I don’t pay attention to much.  But one thing that has driven me from distraction is the infinate number of empty cardboard coffee cups being used as props on TV these days.  Because it’s so fucking OBVIOUS said cups are empty!!!

You can tell they’re empty by the way the actors hold and move these cups.  It’s clear they’re light as air – especially when you hear the hollow noise the cups make when they touch a surface.

Ever since this flagrant lack of respect for the coffee drinking viewer came to my attention, I can’t focus on the scenes before me.  I just stare at those empty cups and wish someone would drink out of something transparent for a change.  Like on Cheers when they were forced to drink something that looked like real beer, but probably tasted like PBR minus the benefit of (alleged) alcohol content.

Days of Our Lives, the soap opera I’ve watched shamefully for 20+ years, is the worst offender of my empty cup pique.  The only character on this show who hasn’t been seen holding an empty cup is an infant.  They all hang out in a coffee house with their empty cups saying God knows what because I’m so distracted by the emptiness.  Most coffee joints actually offer you glassware if you plan to drink in.  But not the Java Cafe in Salem, USA!  They don’t give a rat’s ass about the environment.  You’re drinking air out of a paper cup no matter what!

So why can’t they put some kind of liquid in these cups?  Just fill them with water or something.  But don’t drink out of an empty cup and tell me it’s coffee.  I ain’t buyin’ it.

On the bright side, IT’S NATIONAL COFFEE WEEK, EVERYBODY!  Go celebrate by having a barrista actually put something in your cup.


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