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This week in Us Weekly October 17, 2011

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Here’s what I learned by reading this week’s issue of Us Weekly.


1.)  Kristin Cavillari got kicked off Dancing with the “Stars” because she’s really nice and an amazing dancer.  But America hates her because she’s spoiled rich brat.

2.)  Megan Fox once had a pet pig named Piggie Smalls.

3.)  Vinnie Guagdanino of, “Jersey Shore” fame, is, shockingly, a New York Knicks fan.  And he also claims to have taken the LSAT the day his show premiered.

4.)  Elizabeth Olsen never talks to her older sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley, about acting. Probably because Mary Kate and Ashley can’t act.

5.)  Pippa Middleton bought a potted cyclamen.


7.)  Some slutty blonde had a one-night stand with Ashton Kutcher. And she’s not afraid to tell the tabloids about it.

8.)  The Kardishian sisters don’t like Kim’s hubby.

9.)  B-list actresses are not afraid to dress like slutty whatevers for Halloween.  Whatever. As long as it’s slutty.

10.)  A bunch of red-headed actresses are being lauded for “going red” for fall.

11.)  The “best” fall bags are really, really ugly.  Oh – and really, really expensive.

12.)  Footloose is coming out. Yet John Lithgow has not been asked to make a cameo.

13.)  Jack Black is TOTALLY ADDICTED! To Scrabble.

14.)  There are a lot of diet pills out there. And all of them appear to be extremely successful in helping people lose weight via photoshop.

15.)  Even good actresses wear bad dresses.  Bad actresses wear even worse dresses.


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