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They’re going to SELL THE BABY! October 20, 2011

Filed under: Susie's World — susieworld @ 3:28 AM

My sign about the abandoned baby has been removed. I took it down out of the kindess of my heart, so as not to alarm the neighbors about a baby that is no longer missing.  But this is what wound up in its place:



While they’re claiming they’re only selling board games and electronics, they’re probably not mentioning the fact that they will be selling my baby!!!  Baby-selling is frowned upon in these parts and with the number of times the police have had to show up at my next-door neighbor’s house due to noise complaints, these garage salers were smart to not tip off the police to their evil baby-selling plans.


If I didn’t have Sunday plans, and were actually a caring foster parent, I’d hit this garage sale and maybe even hit one of the people trying to sell an innocent doll, abandoned so guilelessly by her birth mother.  For all I know, the poor girl was born in a dumpster outside the nearby high school during the homecoming dance.  Okay, now I’ve gone and made this dark.


Keep Baby Doe in your prayers.  If one of the people hosting this garage sale is a mechanic, she may be sold for parts!


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