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Moving sucks! October 24, 2011

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This will be us in a few short days.

Packing up all our stuff after nearly 5 years in one place absolutely blows. There are parts of our house that haven’t seen a swiffer in all that time and my allergies are thanking the allergy gods that they get to come out to play.


Bright side: Dave only found ONE dead rat in the garage.  But there’s evidence that his friends and family are not only alive and well, but well-fed!  This guy was a MONSTER!  He might be puny by New York standards, but I think he could have held his own in a fight.


So today I avoided all things moving related by getting drunk and watching football at the Dude Shack.  Tomorrow, moving will suck again.  The big day is Thursday, with a Friday follow-up.  Since I have a bad back (which comes in handy during times like these), I will be leaving the house I no longer care to call home and going to my parents’ house with the dog to stay out of the way.  I almost always get drunk when I’m at my parents’ house.  It helps.  My favorite drink is one my brother invented: bourbon and Bailey’s shaken and served up with a dusting of nutmeg on top.  It’s called a Family Time. One or two of those and suddenly dealing with family isn’t so bad!


Another reason moving sucks – we will be mostly moved in by Thursday night, but we don’t get our cable until Friday.


One Response to “Moving sucks!”

  1. Bryan Liberty Says:

    One dead rat is the bright side? You, my friend, are the ultimate optimist. Good luck with the new home!

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