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Thanksgiving myths – and how to make them better November 23, 2011

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It's really mean to do this to your pets.

My friend Emily reports that she almost has her daughter convinced that the first Thanksgiving was really about the Pilgrims and “Indians” coming together to make green bean casserole.  And of course it was the French who suddenly came onto the scene with their fried onions.

So it got me to wondering what REALLY happened at the first Thanksgiving.

Like who brought the canned yams and marshmallows?  And who brought the Stovetop Stuffing?

And the poor turkey that gave its life so we could all be grateful for something.  I don’t know what the Native Americans had to be thankful for.  They were about to be completely oppressed and have their land stolen from them by the white man.

Benjamin Franklin wanted our national bird to be the turkey.  If that had happened, would we all be eating bald eagle on the third Thursday of every November?

I’m also thinking the Native Americans should have had their own Occupy movement in an attempt to Occupy their own land from the 1% – the Pilgrims.

I think these are some of the first questions I’ll ask when I arrive at the pearly gates.  Assuming, of course that I don’t go to Hell with all my friends.


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving myths – and how to make them better”

  1. Emily Says:

    You forgot the cranberry “sauce” that isn’t really a sauce. I think it represents the blood of sacrifice….. coagulated a bit for drama.

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