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What I learned by looking at Architectural Digest (because I didn’t actually READ any of it) January 11, 2012

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  So I got another magazine in the mail today. Architectural Digest. I never subscribed to this magazine, so it’s one of life’s many mysteries. Kind of like how we never knew why my husband kept getting issues of Nickelodeon Magazine for three years – and the issues followed us through a move!

So here’s what I learned by flipping through Architectural Digest:

1.)          Only really rich people have homes featured in Architectural Digest.

2.)          The Prince of Wales is on the cover, which reinforces #1.

3.)          The Prince of Wales likes to wear kilts.

4.)          The fact that the Prince of Wales likes to wear kilts makes me think of what’s under the kilt and, as it’s Prince Charles, I’m all grossed-out now.

5.)          Paintings of boobies are perfectly fine to hang on the walls of homes featured in Architectural Digest, provided the head above said boobs looks like Dwight Schrute wiping his nose.

6.)          It’s artsy to have a bunch of random chairs on your patio with no tables and no semblance of organization.

7.)          There is a casino in Arizona called “Talking Stick Resort.”

8.)          I will never have a home featured in Architectural Digest.

9.)          Some of the homes featured in Architectural Digest are actually quite ugly.

10.)      “Architectural” is not very easy to type.


4 Responses to “What I learned by looking at Architectural Digest (because I didn’t actually READ any of it)”

  1. Jackie Dryden (MOM MOM MOM Says:

    Susie …..You taught me something about what rich people have…some have ugly houses! MOm mOM moM

  2. Jon Dryden Says:

    In consolation, I will never be featured in ‘Penis Monthly’ or National Geographic.

  3. I don’t want to read magazines anymore… I just want to read what Susie learned while SHE was reading magazines. Congratulations on making Architectural Digest entertaining for the first time ever.

  4. L. Silva Says:

    What are you guys talking about….. I love This Magazine! Can’t afford it…… but when I can treat myself It’s the best!

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