If you want sense, you're going to have to make it yourself.

What people are saying about SusieWorld March 14, 2011


“SusieWorld is the best blog I’ve never read.” –Illiterates Bimonthy Digest

“Does this chick think anyone cares what’s going on in her puny little head?” –Entertainment Weekly

“I’m so proud of my little girl!” –Susie’s Mom


Do I write this in the third person to sound snotty, or just ad lib like I’m having a conversation with you over lattes or fancy cocktails.  I’ll go with the latter.

I’m just a girl who is a crime writer by day and snarky bitch by night.  I strive to make you laugh and mystify you all at once, to leave you thinking to yourself, “Fuck, that was hilarious, but what kind of asylum do you have to live in to come up with that shit?” Either that or, “I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

My husband and my dog are my support system. San Jose, California is my home. Stupidity is my inspiration. I don’t have a real paying job, so I do this.

I am a Real Housewife of Silicon Valley. Which is to say, I don’t cook, clean or sew. I prefer to pay people to do all that real housewifey stuff. Now please pass the remote. This TiVo isn’t going to play itself.


6 Responses to “What people are saying about SusieWorld”

  1. You iz a woman, not a girl. Snarky, but real.

  2. Johnny Massengill Says:

    Yes ma’am

  3. Bryan Liberty Says:

    Sexy, sharp and hilarious! Susie is the American woman on crack, caffeine and Captain Crunch!

  4. Suzie Coker Says:

    I want to live in Susieworld!

    Well, actually, I already live in Suzieworld but I take vacations in Susieworld and we all know how much fun a good vacation is…

  5. Whoo Hoo!!! Entertainment Weekly commented on you!!! FANTASTIC! And….what do they know, buttheadds!!!

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