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Things that should never be Bedazzled March 15, 2011

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1.)    The penis.

2.)    The Bedazzler.  That would be too difficult.

3.)    Pets.  It’s bad enough people put clothes on them!

4.)    Your resume.  Unless you’re applying to work for the makers of the Bedazzler.

5.)    Sporting equipment.  Unless you’re on the All-Gay Softball Team.  Then it’s required.

6.)    Diamond engagement rings. Unless you don’t like    diamonds.  And if you don’t like diamonds, you’re a fool.

7.)    The TV.  The TV is bedazzling on its own.

8.)    Toilet paper.  Need I say more?

9.)    Anything edible.  There are better things to choke on than good food.

10.)  Your face.  Unless it needs that much help.