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Facebook knows me better than I know myself September 28, 2011

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The "new" Facebook will become the "old" Facebook soon enough and we will all miss this new/old Facebook. So suck it up, people.

Yes. It’s true. Facebook DOES know me better than I know myself. But that’s of little consequence. The sad thing is, Facebook knows more about the trials and tribulations of my life than my husband does. Because he’s never on Facebook.

As my friend Emily said, “He should think I’m important enough to read everything I post.  I don’t want to have to repeat myself.”

Exactly, Emily.  I’ve grown tired of asking Dave if he saw a video or photo I posted.   And it’s always unexpected when I’ve shared some plans I’ve made with the entire Facebook universe and he has no idea what I’m doing.  Doesn’t he know that he needs to track my life on the internet even when I’m in the same room sitting six feet away from him??

But Dave has a good reason for not checking Facebook a thousand times a day to keep up with my rapidly moving life (which is made up entirely of “working” from home).  He HATES the “new” Facebook.  Along with pretty much everyone else.

It could come to pass that Facebook literally does know me better than I know myself.  Mark Zuckerberg has decided it is important for his invention to know every little thing we do on the World Wide Interweb even when we’re not logged on to Facebook.  I don’t remember what I did two hours ago, let alone what websites I’m looking at on a daily basis.  But, like the elephant, the internet never forgets.

I’m not sure what Marky Mark Zuck-man and the Funky Bunch plan to do with this information, but I’m sure they have evil intents.  Thankfully, I already know I won’t be running for public office, so what I post on FB won’t be affecting my chances of winning.  Plus, I haven’t diddled with underage boys or claimed to be a family values candidate who is secretly cheating on my spouse.

What he really needs to focus on is getting my husband to pay attention to my posts, even though they’re 95 percent shallow and not relative to my relationship.  Irregardless, (yeah – I said that just to piss you off), that would be the perfect Facebook.  Hop on it, Mark-o-rama Zee-brah.

In the meantime, I have quit my bitching about the changes.  If they’re really that upsetting, wouldn’t it be more effective to quit Facebook and switch permanently to Google+?  That has become a threat as hollow as moving to Canada when the “bad guys” win the White House.

Someday, this “new” Facebook will become the “old” Facebook that we’ll all miss the next time changes are made.  But I sure would like to interview the site just to get an idea of what I’m like.  Or maybe Dave should do that.